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As a data analyst, I transform your raw data into strategic insights to help your business and make your decisions easier.
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Gabriel, Data Analyst

First of all, as a Data Analyst I am the interlocutor between raw data and you. I act as a translator, extracting useful information from the data. Then as an advisor, I hand you the insights you can capitalize on to succeed in your business.

However, to me being a Data Analyst is far more than only analysing data. Transfer of knowledge, support and handing out key of comprehension are the core of business.

As a matter of fact, exchange and collaboration with stakeholders are key element for the projects’ success I work on. I combine my scientific and managerial education so as to suggest long-term optimum strategies.

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What services I'm providing

Data cleaning and preparation

Raw data stored in company’s database are rarely usable as they are. That’s why it is mandatory to clean and prepare it prior diving into the analysis. It is essential in order to keep a top quality information for our insights.    

Dashboard and reports

A statistical analysis can be tough to understand when you are not familiar with the mathematical concepts. That’s why I create intuitive visualizations, that enable new user to catch the key indicators at first sight.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis is the core activity of the data analyst’s job: from cleaned and prepared data, I extract all the available insights that answer the business task. During this phase I use statistical tools such as study of correlation between variables or computing means, medians, and variances.

Support during the transmission of deliverables

At the end of the processus I hand you the tools to answer your business problematic. I provide support in order to use them at their full potential to make decisions-making  easier and optimized.

My projects


Cyclistic project

Study on the user’s habits from a renting bike platform. What are the habits differences between occasional riders and subscribed one? How to convert these occasional user to members?

Bellabeat project

What are the trends in the usage of smart devices? How does these trends apply to Bellabeat’s customers? How could these trends help the marketing strategy team?

Projet 3

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